The CraftiqueCo Story

“A home isn’t a place it’s a feeling”

The CraftiqueCo Story begins with the love for our home, the memories made with the joy of decorating our home enveloped with love. Loving every corner, transforming the smallest of spaces by making the smallest change can create a spellbound and instant impression. As Nate Berkus said, “your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” 

Our passion to design and decorate homes with versality and character adding soul to all rooms and spaces reflects today’s taste and style to enhance modernist and contemporary elegance.  We believe your home should carry with it that personal stamp and unique flair.   

It wasn’t too long ago that we envisioned bringing a home to life through handcraft customization by taking the ordinary and adding that extra touch to it, not long after, CraftiqueCo was established.

Our crafty décor creates curiosity to no end on the possibilities of wonders that can create dramatic results that are timeless, modern, yet beautiful and functional. Add punch, dimension and modern edge to any space as our handcrafted pieces bring center of attention to your room or ground your space with simplicity; either way will become a focal point of the room allowing you to stay in your element.

We create custom pieces and gifts creating trendy and crafty creations either to display for your home or to simply gift for any season, holiday or occasion. Spark joy in the art of gifting by giving creative cherished memories and shining moments from elegant crafted designs celebrating the big moments and the little ones in between with unique gift ideas brightening anyone’s day with statement styles as unique as they are.

Our collection is ever growing and unique in their design. Stand out with elegance by adding a custom touch to your home with our high quality handmade contemporary décor.

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